Need A New Residence? Call Tisha Lawrence!



You have been searching the internet to a find a representative in the Metro Atlanta area (you can trust) that can assist you with your real estate needs. You may have already talked to family and friends to find an agent. Yet, you are still looking for that one agent!


I think you should be glad you found my site. 


Finding my site, is the first introduction to who I am as a person and real estate agent. I like to get straight to the point, okay. I have many things to do everyday. Don't you? Therefore, who has time to beat around the bush these days?  Beating around the bush has no place in the world of real estate. Especially, not in this market.

If you like the beat around the bush type of agent, you have NOT found that here. I would be more than happy to refer you to someone.

You should already realize I am not like most agents. I am looking to work with clients and customers that understand that there is a job that needs to be done, right now.  Therefore, we can work together as long as we have the same goal.  

What are your needs? Go ahead! Call me and let us discuss it.  

Wait! My phone is ringing! Is it you?


Need A New Residence? Call Tisha Lawrence!



Everyone knows someone that is looking to change their currently living situation.

Now that you have my information, give it to someone else that is in need of real estate assistance.

Tisha Lawrence with Maximum One Realty Partners

Real Estate Agent

Direct. 470.239.0330

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